Minority Serving Institutions Summit

AAICE co-hosting Alabama’s First Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Summit

AAICE is pleased to announce it will partner with the Alabama Office of Minority Affairs (AOMA) to produce the inaugural Minority Serving Institutions Summit on January 25-26, 2024. The event will bring together MSIs, government bodies, private sectors, and non-profits, fostering an environment where shared knowledge leads to innovative solutions and concrete initiatives.


The Summit represents a significant step toward addressing the unique challenges faced by minority communities in Alabama. Central to this initiative is the profound recognition of Digital Equity and Broadband Connectivity as essential pillars for empowering MSIs, enabling them to become catalysts of change and progress across diverse societal sectors.

Focal Areas Interlinked with Digital Empowerment

  • Student Workforce Opportunities: Enhanced connectivity enables MSIs to offer students a broader range of online internships, e-learning courses, and digital skill training, directly linking them to emerging job markets and remote work opportunities.
  • Minority & Women Business Growth: Broadband access opens avenues for minority and women
    entrepreneurs to explore e-commerce, digital marketing, and global networking, fostering
    business growth and innovation.
  • Research Development Grants: High-speed internet facilitates cutting-edge research, allowing
    MSIs to participate in global collaborations, access extensive databases, and utilize advanced
    research technologies.
  • Rural-Urban Telehealth Access: Telehealth services, powered by reliable broadband, bridge the
    healthcare gap, offering rural and urban communities alike more accessible and efficient
    healthcare solutions.

In addition to AAICE, other supporters of the Summit include the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Elite Partner Mark III Systems, and NVIDIA, a world leader in artificial intelligence computing. 


To learn more and request an invitation, visit https://TheMSISummit.com. Sponsorships are also available.